jean-rene germanier vex vineyardIt took a while before I “got” Chasselas – it was a short trip to Valais this October that sealed the deal…

I wrote about the experience for US online wine magazine Palate Press:

When Michel Chapoutier mentioned in 2011 that he was considering planting a Chasselas vineyard in the UK, some may have thought this was the ultimate insult to “le vin Anglais” – the famously neutral variety is increasingly ostracized in French vineyards, and is so disliked that even when it appears in blends it is never mentioned on the label. Was Chapoutier cocking a snook at the British, or just trying to divert attention from his purchasing strategy?

Chasselas is one of Europe’s most widely planted white varieties, but it’s more likely to end up in a juicer or a fruit basket than in a winery. Romania, Hungary and Russia contribute heavily to the 38,000 hectares (94,000 acres) in existence. Germany and France also have sizable amounts, but only Switzerland persists in toting it as a quality wine variety.

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