The Morning Claret

Simon J Woolf & Friends on Wild and Wonderful Wines

Day: 5 April 2020

Blazič – Sauvignon Blanc Plesivo 2015

Super expressive and aromatic Sauv Blanc with just 24 hours of skin contact at the beginning of fermentation, which beefs up the texture a bit. Lovely red grapefruit and lemon peel aromas together with some thyme and sage notes. Gets Read more

Ščurek – Sivi Pinot 2018

Juicy Pinot Grigio with a telltale pink hue – a day or so on the skins perchance? (I don’t have confirmed info from the winery at the moment). Candied fruits and strawberry on the nose, attractively nutty finish (a very Read more

Ščurek – Malvazija 2018

Ripe, but not too ripe – plenty of white peach and ripe pear fruit on the nose and in the glass, with some rather pretty white blossom aromas too. Fairly broad shouldered but not oppressively so. The character of the Read more

Ščurek – Stara Brajda 2016

This is Scurek’s premium white blend, produced from an old vineyard with some faairly obscure varieties in addition to Rebula & co. Old plays a part but it’s been vinified and aged with consumate skill. There’s some butterscotch and green Read more

Blazič – Jakot 2014

Very typical of the variety (and here using Stanko Radikon’s cheeky reversal of the old “Tokaj Friulano” name), with some nervy aromatics (slightly volatile – doesn’t trouble me at all, but might freak out traditionalists), fresh tarragon and thyme. Lovely Read more

Blazič – Rebula Robida 2013

Inviting aromas of talcum powder, dried herbs, chamomile and hay – all very typical of Rebula. Just three days of skin contact, but that’s enough to create wonderfully satisfying textures and a subtle suggestion of tannins. Impressive harmony and lift, Read more