The Morning Claret

Simon J Woolf & Friends on Wild and Wonderful Wines

Day: 2 October 2020

Varzia Terraces – Tamaris Vazi 2018

This is an historic release with a hell of a story behind it. The project of Giorgi Natenadze, this wine is the first harvest from terraces planted in the southerly Javakheti region – a place that was desecrated by Ottoman Read more

Baia’s wine – Tsolikouri 2019

Slightly reductive, but it blows off on the nose. Ripe citrus and yellow plum fruit with dancing acidity that really lifts the palate. Hints of aromatic herbs and honeysuckle. Very light, this would make a marvellous and exotic aperitif wine.

Baia’s wine – Tsitska Tsolikouri 2019

The fruit character is a bit neutral here, with some sliced pear, but there’s a charming hint of white blossoms on the nose that adds a bit of interest. Texturally, creamy and leesy. Salty on the finish, with the alcohol Read more

Baia’s wine – Krakhuna 2019

Creamy textured, with white currant and pear fruit. Fairly full bodied, soft structured and lowish acidity, but there’s lots of harmony to this wine, and a subtle mineral feeling on the finish.

Baia’s wine – Tsitska Tsolikouri Krakhuna 2019

Expressive and tangy citrus fruits, green plum and a bit of kiwi. Really zippy and leesy with a lovely tannic prickle on the finish. This has it all – fruit expression, structure, freshness. It’s a great example of the Imeretian Read more

Doremi – Kisi 2019

Roasted twigs, papaya fruit, drying and chunky tannins. A typical, no holds barred style Kakhetian qvevri wine, with a herbal bark and pungent fruit character. There’s a fine seam of acidity here, it’s all in balance and there’s great potential Read more

Doremi – Tsitska Mtsvane 2019

Fresh and citrussy, with the merest hint of some lees contact and tannin on the finish. Pleasingly earthy tones also on the nose. This is featherlite and one assumes the skin contact was rather short and perhaps just with a Read more

Doremi – Chinebuli 2019

Slightly sickly on the nose, with a bit of green plum and herb. Muted fruit and a bit vegetal on the finish. Some light phenolics. Overall, feels a bit tired, which is surprising in such a young wine. Chinebuli is Read more

Doremi – Mtsvane 2019

Savoury on the nose, with notes of roasted twig and candied peel. Lacking fruit expression, but there are chunky tannins aplenty, and a nice citrussy feel which provides freshness. Not the most charming but certainly a big, hearty Kakhetian qvevri Read more

Doremi – Mtsvane 2019

Charming on the nose, with a hint of honey, thyme and sage. Ripe yellow plum fruit with delicate acidity. Lovely fruit expression, light with a saline hint on the finish. Elegant and harmonious. Very light maceration (short skin contact) and Read more