The Morning Claret

Simon J Woolf & Friends on Wild and Wonderful Wines

Day: 4 September 2021

Schützenhof – Ried Ratschen 2019

A very spicy, balsamic style, with lifted acids but slightly muted fruit. The nose holds the most excitement, with dried herbs, hay and sour black cherry perfume. On the palate, everything is a little compacted and savoury. (barrel sample)

Stefan Zehetbauer – Schützner Ried Satz 2019

A high toned, high acid Weissburgunder, that doesn’t show a great deal of complexity at the moment, but is certainly fresh and lively. Although harvested very ripe, there is a slightly puzzling lack of fruit, with a more vegetal or Read more

Prieler – Schützner Ried Steinweingarten 2019

A fascinating comparison with Prieler’s Haidsatz, here the expression is much more steely and citrussy, with what feels like quite a lean and austere character on the palate. The clue to the ripeness of this wine only reveals itself on Read more

Prieler – Schützner Ried Haidsatz 2019

Delicious and expressive, Prieler’s Ried Haidsatz WB shows nice details of lemon peel, mineral salts and candied peel within its fairly lightweight frame. It’s fizzing with energy and acidity, but also has the kind of airy weightlessness that I love Read more

Sommer – Donnerskirchner Ried Himmelreich 2019

With a shade more ripeness and a more buttery character than its Ried Halser twin, this Gruner grown on schist soils bursts with energy and really nice acidity. That said it feels slightly lacking in harmony right now, with the Read more

Sommer – Purbacher Ried Halser 2019

Texturally, this is a gorgeous wine, with a supple, creamy feel but plenty of freshness imparted from the saltiness. Some fresh apricot and pear on the palate, very focused and detailed with a lively and open character. Really nicely balanced, Read more