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Month: January 2022

How to survive La Dive Bouteille - Par Ici Sign - Photo (C) Simon J Woolf
6 minute read

How to survive La Dive

Hannah has the essential tips for you if you’re a wine professional and you want to keep body and soul together at La Dive Bouteille and its spin-off wine fairs in the Loire this winter.

Weingut Röck – Viel Anders 2019

This is the first wine from this producer that’s headed in a more full-blown “natural” direction, unfiltered and fermented on the skins. The nose is attractive and aromatic as one would expect from the Gewürz. I wished for a tiny Read more

7 minute read

Glass Half Empty

Simon hates bad glassware, and does not understand why it’s so prevalent at natural wine venues.

Van and grape disaster - Photo (C) Hannah Fuellenkemper
5 minute read

Amazing opportunity, cellar hand wanted

Want a job working for an up-and-coming winery located somewhere in France? Hannah Fuellenkemper has the most amazing opportunity for you…. possibly.