The Morning Claret

Simon J Woolf & Friends on Wild and Wonderful Wines

Day: 4 November 2022

Parés Balta – Satèl.lit 2018

The nose and the colour suggest a bit of oxidation, with some herbal notes, a bit of honey and a hint of grandma’s perfume. The palate in contrast feels lively and youthful, with bright citrus tones intermingled with apricot tones. Read more

Parés Balta – Satèl.lit 2017

There’s more noticeable oak influence on the nose here, compared to the 2018 vintage – some toasty, vanilla hints. But on the palate it’s really bright and fresh, barely giving any clue as to its maturity. There’s a pleasing generosity Read more

Raúl Moreno – La Contraluz 2021

Aged under flor, this is a fascinating kind of hybrid – half Fino sherry, half dry Palomino Fino. The nose has a delightful nuttiness – toasted almonds, with a lick of chamomile. The acidity feels bracing, but there are plenty Read more

Raúl Moreno – La Castidad 2021

Crushed cherries and earth on the nose, with a tiny hint of toastiness. Delicious sour cherry and raspberry fruit on the palate with subtle yet pointed tannins that add to the feeling of refreshment. There is some kind of magic Read more

Raúl Moreno – La Inflexion 2021

An absolute charmer on the nose and the palate, this unique blend (for Jerez at least) offers up bright red berry fruits and a lick of orange zest. The palate feels juicy and elegant, very fruit focused but in no Read more

Raúl Moreno – La Quimera 2021

When Raúl Moreno tells you he’s growing Pinot Noir in Jerez, you think he must be out of his mind. But goodness, the results are so elegant and fresh. Of his three Pinot cuvées, La Quimera is the most meaty Read more