The Morning Claret

Simon J Woolf & Friends on Wild and Wonderful Wines


João Tereso with some 80 year old vines. Photo (C) Simon J Woolf.
7 minute read

The new Lisboa: Chinado

Simon visits João Tereso, a sound engineer turned winemaker with a penchant for breathing new life into old vineyards, and for crafting delicious natural wines in the Lisboa region.

Rodrigo Martins in the cellar at Adega de Alcobaça
8 minute read

The new Lisboa: Rodrigo Martins and Espera

Simon visits consultant and natural winemaker Rodrigo Martins, to learn about his change to working exclusively with organic viticulture and his personal Espera project. We also talk about his frustration with the DOC classification process in Lisboa.

Marta Soares tastes the Casal Figueira Antonio 2020
9 minute read

An Artist’s Legacy: Marta Soares and Casal Figueira

There’s a dramatic backstory to Marta Soares’ life, but this artist and winemaker wants people to focus on her present and her future, not her past. We visit amazing old vineyards on the slopes of Montejunto in Northern Lisboa, and get to grips with Marta’s take on wine, local culture and art.

11 minute read

Simply Portuguese – Simplesmente Vinho 2018

Anyone who thinks Portugal is just about fortified wine and heavy, oaky reds should get themselves over to Simplesmente Vinho, an alternative wine fair held in Porto at the end of February. It’s one the best and most inspiring celebrations Read more

Rodrigo Filipe - Humus
3 minute read

Cool climate curtimenta from Humus

Rodrigo Filipe (Humus) has come up with a strange way to make his curtimenta (skin fermented white wine), but it’s an unqualified success.