LTD Georgian Traditional Winery - 8Millenium Rkatsiteli 2017
Producer: 8Millenium
Wine name: Rkatsiteli
ABV: 13.5

This is a kind of “own label” produced for the wine importer of the same name in Almere, Netherlands. Rather stewed nose, and for a relatively young wine this lacks freshness. Nonetheless, it’s packed with flavour, and all the typical herbal, bruised orchard fruit notes that one would expect.
A really satisfying chew to the texture – chunky tannins that are nutty and not obtrusive.
A decent qvevri style that misses some focus and energy – there’s a lack of fruit in the mid-palate.
Uncertified biodynamic viticulture. Unfiltered, low sulphites (c. 35mg/L)