Ambra - Khvanchkara 2019
Producer: Ambra
Wine name: Khvanchkara
Styles: ,
ABV: 12.5

Kvanchkara is a naturally semi-sweet style that was supposed to have been Stalin’s favourite wine. Sadly most Kvanchkara these days is produced on an industrial scale and tastes like it. So what a great joy to taste this more artisanal version from Ambra. There are earthy wild berry aromas on the nose hinting at the fruit explosion that’s about to hit your palate. Blackberry and blackcurrant fruit just overflow on the palate, with a juicy but also slightly herbal feel. The acidity is spine tingling, almost completely obscuring the sweetness. This is barely off-dry, at least in terms of perception.

An exciting style that shows just how moreish and delicious Kvanchkara can be, with good quality fruit.