Antonio Marques-da-Cruz and Tiago Teles - Pop COZs 2019
Producer: Antonio Marques-da-Cruz and Tiago Teles
Wine name: Pop COZs
ABV: 14.0

A collaboration between Antonio Marques-da-Cruz (Quinta da Serradinha) and Tiago Teles. The vineyards for this cuvée are rented. Fermented in cement vats. Untreated 25-y-o vines grown on the slopes of Serra de Montejunto.

Beguiling nose that suggests candied fruits, marmalade and some crushed flower petals and incense.

This is a ripe style with relatively low acidity, but it gets away with it, offering up guava and mandarin fruit on the palate.

My only complaint would be that the finish does not feel entirely clean. That said, I kept this bottle open for three days and if anything it improved over that time – and certainly remained stable.