Antonio Marques-da-Cruz and Tiago Teles - vm-Castelão COZs 2019
Producer: Antonio Marques-da-Cruz and Tiago Teles
Wine name: vm-Castelão COZs
ABV: 13.5

A collaboration between António Marques-da-Cruz (Quinta da Serradinha) and Tiago Teles. The vineyards are rented.

Young-vine Castelão made from grapes sourced from Quinta da Murta, an estate located eight miles from the Atlantic coast near Cadaval (north of Lisbon). Fermented with native yeasts in 1000L dornas and then pressed, before ageing in old Burgundy barrels for 11 months.

Attractively leafy, with a subtle geranium perfume. A burst of juicy, taut berry fruit on the palate then shows some quite spiky tannins.

What this lacks is a smidge more acidity. It finishes up just a little on the heavy side, and doesn’t really come to life in the way that one wants.