Baias wine - Tsitska Tsolikouri 2019
Producer: Baias wine
Wine name: Tsitska Tsolikouri
Varieties: ,
ABV: 13.0

The fruit character is a bit neutral here, with some sliced pear, but there’s a charming hint of white blossoms on the nose that adds a bit of interest. Texturally, creamy and leesy. Salty on the finish, with the alcohol sticking out a bit. Fairly broad and low on acidity, this is an enjoyable wine but could feel a bit heavy after a second glass.
I’m not sure if the base wines for Baia’s blends are all the same – if they are then this is the most fascinating exercise in blending – because here the Tsitska and Tsolikouri just don’t have the tension that they gain when the Krakhuna is added into the fray.