Bott Frigyes - Lipovina 2019
Producer: Bott Frigyes
Wine name: Lipovina
ABV: 13.5

This is a variety you’d expect to see more commonly in neighbouring Hungary, but here in Nitra’s extreme continental climate it also apparently delivers the goods. This lightly skin macerated example kicks off with rather mysterious aromas, some candied green peel, musk, essential citrus oils and frankincense.

There’s a welcome jolt of citrussy acids when the wine hits your palate. But it’s full of detail and nuance too. A slight tinge of sweetness hints at the ripeness of this wine, but it’s beautiful offset by the spicy gooseberry and whitecurrant.

An exciting wine full of nuance and character.

One night skin contact. Aged 10 months in oak. Low sulphites.