Buchmayer - Gelber Traminer Natural 2018
Producer: Buchmayer
Wine name: Gelber Traminer Natural
ABV: 12.0

Noticeably fresher and higher in acidity than its 2019 twin, this cloudy, macerated yellow traminer (4 weeks skin contact and no added sulphites) has herby, yellow plum and fresh apricot aromas which also carry over onto the palate.

It’s certainly lively, but there’s a slight vegetal note (tinned peas, perhaps) which jars a bit on the finish

As with the 2019, the texture is super soft and easygoing, with only the intensified flavour profile signposting the skin fermentation.

The finish suggests aniseed or fennel – and is surprisingly long lasting.

I was lucky enough to have both the 2019 and 2018 vintages of this wine open side-by-side. A blend of both proved to be far superior than either on their own! The higher acidity of the 2018 added a lovely freshness to the 2019.