Celler Alimara - Amb Pells Brisat 2020
Producer: Celler Alimara
Wine name: Amb Pells Brisat
Classification: DO Terra Alta
ABV: 12.5

Wild fermented Garnacha Blanca, with a whopping 50 days on the skins in concrete and stainless steel. Bottled unfiltered.
Surprisingly, there’s not a lot of colour here – just a slight green gold tinge.

The nose gives some clues to the skin contact though – there’s more of the Mediterranean herbs and dried apricot than with the other white wines from this estate.

What I really love is the concentration and creaminess of the palate. Despite this being the lowest alcohol of any wine in the range from Celler Alimara, it’s also the fullest and most interesting in terms of flavour.

There’s white peach, papaya and a slightly starchy quality which I enjoy. It’s all stitched together with earthy dried herb notes and makes for a very satisfying drop.

On this basis, Celler Alimara really ought to make more wild fermented and unfiltered wines (currently this is the only one). Because this really is a cut above the others.