Citizen Wine - Ginja Ninja Natural Orange Wine 2021
Producer: Citizen Wine
Wine name: Ginja Ninja Natural Orange Wine
Classification: Vino de la Tierra de Castilla
ABV: 12.0

Defiantly cloudy, and with a take no prisoners nose – ripe tangerine and ginger, a bit volatile (but to me, well within acceptable limits). It opens out to a no less expressive palate with wild plum, geranium and fresh tarragon. Quite grippy, with tannins that offset the effusive fruit.

Feels very clean despite the lack of added sulphites (but see note below). A fun, fruity style with structure too. Quite a surprise for Verdejo, although the effusive and rather aromatic nose did remind me of very ripe Sauvignon Blanc a little.

Uncertified organic. No added sulphites. I found that this wine starts to show some mousy taint after the bottle has been open for 2-3 hours.