Cortes de Cima - Lour-inho 2019
Producer: Cortes de Cima
Wine name: Lour-inho
Classification: Vinho Regional Alentejano
Varieties: , ,
ABV: 12.5

I had to check the map, when Cores de Cima told me “this is an unusual Alentejo blend from vines planted in the sands of the Atlantic”. But indeed the far south-west corner of Alentejo does reach the coast, so I guess that’s where these grapes came from.

Alvarinho dominates the blend (67%) and sure enough the nose is filled peach and fresh apricot, with a hint of lime zest.

The fruit is well characterised, generous and lively. Perhaps there’s a point to prove here, in terms of a very warm region managing a fresh and fairly light style. But it’s well done and enjoyable.

A perfect aperitif wine, with just a little more ripeness than you might expect from something similar in Vinho Verde (where both these varieties are more at home)