Cramele Recas - Amber Natural Wine 2019
Producer: Cramele Recas
Wine name: Amber Natural Wine
ABV: 12.5
Total SO2: 32

A totally naturally made wine (no additions whatsoever, ie: no added sulphites either), from organically grown (but not certified) grapes. Around 25 days (3.5 weeks) of skin contact during the fermentation. Bottled unfiltered.

Slightly iodine-tinged nose with a hint of jasmine and exotic fruits, all in all quite attractive but the nose doesn’t feel quite as fresh as I’d like it to be.

Very promising on the palate, with nice crunchy acids and a lick of tannins that is well judged, but more than enough to let us know that there was some skin fermentation involved here.

The fruit isn’t as exuberant as in the same winery’s “Solara Orange Natural Wine 2019”, made from fruit from the same vineyard but with a slightly different blend. Here there is the addition of some Chardonnay and a bit more Feteasca Alba.
Here the fruit feels a bit more muted, although there’s more of the olive brine and tarragon thing going on.

It has to be said, given that this was made completely without any added SO2, it is impressively clean and stable. It’s on the low side in terms of acidity, but those tannins really help bring a sensation of freshness to the fore.

This wine has been produced for the US market, where apparently it’s not possible to write “orange wine” on the label and have the wine passed by the US imports board.