Cramele Recas - Solara Glou Glou Natural Red 2019
Producer: Cramele Recas
Wine name: Solara Glou Glou Natural Red
ABV: 13.5
Total SO2: 37

This is the Roumanian giant’s first attempt at a “glou glou” style smashable red. It’s not bad at all, with attractive maraschino cherry aromas and an easy going fruity palate.
There are brambly, blackcurrant flavours, nice fresh acids and an equally refreshing lack of any wood (no oak ageing at all).

There’s 25% Cabernet in this otherwise all-Merlot show, and it does sway the finish to something slightly more austere, and really bone-dry. Personally, that pushes my buttons, but I’m not sure it really fits the concept – which ought to be nothing more than super soft and easy going.

Another issue is that at 13.5%, this doesn’t really quality as “glou glou”. It’s a little too assertive, too much of a sledge-hammer if one accidentally quaffs one glass too many (now that could never happen could it?)

The label says that this wine was made with no added sulphites. That being the case, it’s impressively clean and pure.