Erwin Tinhof - Kleinhöfleiner Ried Kirchberg 2018
Producer: Erwin Tinhof
Wine name: Gloriette
Classification: Leithaberg DAC
ABV: 13.5

Tinhof doesn’t make a big thing out of their Blaufränksich – the focus has been more on white wines over the past decade, but when they pull one out of the bag it can be quite outstanding.

The fruit is so lively and so well defined, really giving the feeling of munching on fresh black cherries which have been seasoned with a judicious amount of balsamic vinegar.
Perhaps that sounds odd, but what I’m getting at is the lift and excitement on the palate.

The nose has an inviting pepperiness and is loaded with dark cherry aromas.
Texturally, there is so much restraint, and extraction has been kept to a minimum.

A near perfect Blaufränkisch, with not only wonderful elegance but also great drinkability.

Tinhof calls this parcel Gloriette. The official name and classification of the vineyard is Kleinhöfleiner Ried Kirchberg.