Famille Fabre - Fabre Gasparets - Le Camin 2019
Producer: Famille Fabre
Wine name: Fabre Gasparets - Le Camin
ABV: 13.5

The first vintage of an orange wine made by this major organically certified producer, and very good it is too. From the “Le Camin” vineyard, which translates as “the path” from the local Occitan language.

With aeration, lovely Viognier aromas on the nose – sliced pear and some white flowers. Mandarin and citrus burst out of the glass, and it’s full of fruit on the palate, really tangy and juicy with a note of musk and dried herbs on the finish. Pretty chunky tannins that are perfect for balancing out all the fruit and the other components.
Already expressing a lot for its young age, very nicely done and a really nice surprise to have so much acidity in a Viognier this far south (or at all!). Well worth ageing for another year or two.

Made in 1000 litre amphorae, no sulphites added during fermentation. But presumably some at bottling?