Heinrich - Graue Freyheit 2018
Producer: Heinrich
Wine name: Graue Freyheit
ABV: 12.5

This blend of Burgundy varieties from Heinrich is a firm favourite of mine every year. In 2018, most of the wine was aged in amphora (plus some in large neutral oak barrels, simply because the winery doesn’t have enough amphorae to house everything). If anything, the clay ageing brings out even more of the fruit than in previous vintages. The entire bend is skin fermented with two weeks’ skin contact.

The nose is slightly wilder and more herby than some previous vintages. It’s a bit like sitting in a hay-barn, with some dried chamomile flowers and herbs wafting through the air. Very pleasant! If the nose is ever so slightly rustic, the palate is pure Heinrich elegance, with juicy stone fruits and peppery berries. It’s silky smooth, and tails off to a long and rather mineral finish.
As always, for no added sulphur winemaking, this is exceptional in terms of its purity and stability.