Jan Matthias Klein - Kiss Kiss Maddie's Lips Purple Rain Edition 2018
Producer: Jan Matthias Klein
Wine name: Kiss Kiss Maddie's Lips (Purple Rain Edition)
Residual Sugar: 1.2

A roughly disgorged ‘pet nat’ style (natural fermentation completed in the bottle) from 100% Regent. Very deep, and indeed purple colour, still with some fine lees and sediment.

Very lively, fresh crunchy fruit with a subtle earthiness. Youthful and fun, nothing that needs serious thought but a great natural glugger with refreshingly modest alcohol. A bit like drinking pure grape juice, but without the sugar hit. Very welcome!

No added sulphites

(Note: the standard version of Kiss Kiss Maddie’s Lips is made from Frühburgunder, AKA Pinot Madeleine)