Jan Matthias Klein – Orange Utan 2018
Producer: Jan Matthias Klein
Wine name: Orange Utan
ABV: 12.5
Residual Sugar: 0.4

Jan’s first try at a “proper” orange wine (Little Bastard has always had a small percentage of skin fermented in the blend). It didn’t entirely convince me. The one third of Gelber Muskateller (AKA Yellow Muscat) doesn’t really make its presence known – that wonderful aromatic lift is missing. There are some subtle spicy aromas, but overall both the nose and the palate head more towards rustic cider than anything else.

No punchdowns, instead layers of whole bunches and stems were used to manage the cap. Unfiltered, no added sulphites.

Fun and funky for sure, but doesn’t have the precision or fruit definition of Jan’s best wines. I do have to commend the cleanliness of the winemaking though – this is a mouse-free zone!

A nice touch is the 1 EUR contribution to the Oran Utan Foundation for each bottle sold. That and the label are sufficient grounds to purchase!