João Tavares de Pina - Tretas! 2019
Producer: João Tavares de Pina
Wine name: Tretas!
Classification: Vinho Tinto
Varieties: ,
ABV: 12.0

Really charming on the nose, with raspberries, fresh cherries and violets. But this wine had me fooled. I was expecting it to be super light and tannin- free, but actually it packs a punch on the finish.
Jaen is most of the blend (80%), and it provides a lovely sense of that variety’s minty, herbal rasp.
A really intriguing wine, with a lot more to think about than you might first suspect. And maybe that’s why it’s called Tretas, representing the play between the lighter, more easy aromas and the grippy structure. Tretas is a slang word in Portuguese that means something like an altercation or a disagreement.