Matic - Amphora 2018
Producer: Matic
Wine name: Amphora
ABV: 12.5

Both harvesting and bottling for this amphora-fermented Riesling took place to coincide with the new moon. I have no idea whether that altered the wine, I’m just giving you the info!

The skin contact in amphora was a lengthy 214 days, after which the wine was pressed off its skins and further aged in amphora. Interestingly, the end result is not at all extracted or tannic, but rather light bodied with barely perceptible tannins. It’s pretty spicy on the nose, with lots of dried herb and baked fruit flavours – but with the limpid delicacy that I associate with similar wines in the region (Suman’s moon drops, for example, or some of Aci Arbajs’s wines)

That said, I found it slightly stale and lacking in vitality overall – particularly on the finish. There is very mild oxidation which has detracted a little.