Matic - Pet Nat 2018
Producer: Matic
Wine name: Pet Nat
Varieties: ,
ABV: 12.5

I love the fact that Matic doesn’t disgorge his Pet nat – so here it is, cloudy, with an invitingly yeasty bouquet (reminding of wonderfully toasty Champagne more than anything else) and loaded with fruit too.
With 100% Sipon (aka Furmint), there was never going to be any lack of acidity – but there is plenty of body here too. The fruit is blood orange or mandarin with a hint of tarragon. It feels really bone dry, even though the analysis claims 2mg/L of residual sugar (I don’t taste anything).

Lively, super quaffable yet also characterful. So many pet nats are somewhat asinine – easygoing but not more. Here is one with something to say, and refreshment to offer into the bargain.