M.O.B. Moreira, Olazabal & Borges - Vinha Senna 2019
Producer: M.O.B. Moreira, Olazabal & Borges
Wine name: Vinha Senna
Classification: DOC Dão
Varieties: ,
ABV: 13.0

MOB is the project of Jorge Moreira (Poeira), Francisco ‘Xito’ Olazabal (Quinta do Vale Meão) and Jorge Serôdio Borges (Wine & Soul). This white blend comes from a vineyard at 500 metres in the Serra da Estrela mountains.

Heather and honeysuckle greet you on the nose, together with citrus oils and some subtle herbal notes. The acidity is seriously bracing, but then there’s a long and very fine finish that has a suggestion of boiled sweets – not sweet per se, but quite generous and silky.

I enjoyed this bottle over the course of several days, and it kept on improving with more air, seeming rounder and more harmonious.

Really great value for money, a serious wine.