Nativo (The Hughes Family wines) - Nativo Red Blend 2018
Producer: Nativo (The Hughes Family wines)
Wine name: Nativo Red Blend
ABV: 13.5
Residual Sugar: 2.6
Total SO2: 6

A really juicy, lively red blend that somehow manages to create harmony from grape varieties native to three different countries (France, Spain and South Africa).
There’s a subtle meatiness, some iodine and some perfumed berry aromas, and then all that wonderful cassis and raspberry fruit kicks in, together with a twiggy, sappy thing that reminds me a bit of lamb chops and rosemary sprigs grilling on a barbecue. At least, that’s what I’d love to pair this with.

What I love about this wine is its fresh, vivacious character. Still very much in the first flushes of youth, it isn’t especially refined or nuanced. But I don’t think I was either when I was three years old.