Parés Baltà - Amphora Brisat 2019
Producer: Parés Baltà
Wine name: Amphora Brisat
ABV: 13.0

It’s a good demonstration of clean winemaking (and high quality fruit) with no added sulphites, but otherwise this lacks excitement. Where is the fruit? Xarel-Lo’s appley exuberance is lacking. There is acidity, but not enough of it.

Brisat is an old Catalonian term for skin fermented whites, and this is with its skins, fermented in amphora. It should be singing, but somehow it’s earthbound and leaden. Maybe just too young? There’s a heather, honey and hay thing going on with the palate, which certainly isn’t unpleasant. But it just lacks life or charm.

Pro tip: considering the lack of sulphites, this is ultra-stable stuff. I drank a glass on day two and it was rock solid. That gains it an extra half mark for sure.