Parés Baltà - Neolitic 2018
Producer: Parés Baltà
Wine name: Neolitic
ABV: 11.5

Made from a rare and once nearly extinct variety native to Catalonia, this is a fascinating wine. At first glance, you think it’s going to be glou-glou material: light(ish) in colour and in heft, fresh and fruity and that’s it. But… not quite.

There’s a diverting vegetal character – a bit tomato-stalky, verging on sun-dried tomato – that nags away on the palate, in an entirely attractive way. It’s super refreshing, with no lack of ripeness, but yet also an attractive leanness that keeps you wanting another sip.

This is one of those bottles that slips down effortlessly, but inspires conversation too. Really fun and individual.