Pequenos Rebentos - Alvarinho A Moda Antiga 2019
Producer: Pequenos Rebentos
Wine name: Alvarinho A Moda Antiga
ABV: 13.0

The “Moda Antiga” that’s alluded to here is skin fermentation – so effectively this is a kind of orange Vinho Verde. And a stunningly successful one.

Explosive nose that wafts out rose petals, peaches and cream. So fresh on the palate, with lip-smacking Vinho Verde acidity, concentrated apricot and peach fruit and a seasoning of tarragon and thyme.

The texture is supple and almost unctous – silky smooth and elegant through to its long and zesty finish.

One of those wines that shows how successful skin fermentation can be, not to produce a tannic, oxidative beast, but just to lift and concentrate the raw material in the grapes. And this is really great value too.