Raúl Moreno - La Castidad 2021
Producer: Raúl Moreno
Wine name: La Castidad
Classification: Table wine
ABV: 12.0

Crushed cherries and earth on the nose, with a tiny hint of toastiness. Delicious sour cherry and raspberry fruit on the palate with subtle yet pointed tannins that add to the feeling of refreshment. There is some kind of magic to drinking a Pinot this elegant, and knowing it comes from a place as hot as Jerez. Perhaps the fruit feels the merest bit riper than it would be at this alcohol level in Burgundy – it’s a close run thing.

Raul Moreno’s experience making wine in Australia no doubt set him in good stead, plus he has the advantage of some hilly expositions and a bit of altitude.
But it’s a testament to his vineyard and cellar work. This is really, really fine.