Raúl Moreno - La Quimera 2021
Producer: Raúl Moreno
Wine name: La Quimera
Classification: Table wine
ABV: 11.5

When Raúl Moreno tells you he’s growing Pinot Noir in Jerez, you think he must be out of his mind. But goodness, the results are so elegant and fresh. Of his three Pinot cuvées, La Quimera is the most meaty – by which I don’t mean substantial, just that it has more of the fresh meat and farmyard aromas on the nose. (for the techies, it feels more like reduction than brettanomyces)

Nonetheless, on the palate this is a delicate and beautiful wine, feeling deft and refreshing. It’s both a wonderfully typical Pinot Noir, but also with its own personality and Jerez-style mineral character.