Renner Sistas - Waiting For Tom Weiss 2018
Producer: Rennersistas
Wine name: Waiting For Tom Weiss
ABV: 12.5

Not skin fermented as such, but with a very long skin maceration before the fermentation (3-8 days) – if I understand the German technical notes properly! (Maischestandzeit, not Maischegärung)
Entrancing aromas, really bright pear and ripe apple. Almost jangling acidity, borderline unbalanced and perhaps a little thin in the middle. Then again, there are some attractive herbal notes that add depth.
Feels like it needs to flesh out a little, slightly austere at the moment, albeit thrililng and probably a great food match with oysters or other briney, umami delights.
Maturation mostly in large format oak, with some barriques.