Renner Sistas - Welschriesling 2018
Producer: Rennersistas
Wine name: Welschriesling
ABV: 11.5

Alwayas my favourite from the sista’s whites/oranges, this 2018 doesn’t disappoint. Aromas of rhubarb compote, tarragon and green plum surge out of the glass – so characterful and intriguing.
The palate’s also a delight, with a tangy, bitter orange marmalade quality (I’m talking about English marmalade here chaps). It’s such a big character, but also fresh and exciting.
So great to have Welschriesling (one of the world’s dullest grape varieties when its divorced from its skins, IMHO) done like this.

Here it’s one week of skin contact with a whole berry fermentation (thereby keeping the extraction down a bit, I suspect)