Trapan - Istradition 2018
Producer: Trapan
Wine name: Istradition
ABV: 14.0

An intriguing wine with a certain lightness of touch – despite fairly high alcohol. Long skin contact (40 days) seems to accentuate the feeling of dried apricots and herbs. The wine stayed on its lees for a whopping three years, which has toned down the exuberant fruit and transformed this into a salty, tightly wound effort that really speaks of its coastal origins.

The ageing in used acacia barrels (1 year) has resulted in a soft textured, harmonious wine. The wood leaves a slight imprint on the nose, but nothing that I would find bothersome.

My respect goes to Bruno Trapan for holding back the release of this year. It deserved to be aged and it shows beautifully because of it.

Uncertified organic/biodynamic viticulture.