Trapan - Moia Syrah 2017
Producer: Trapan
Wine name: Moia Syrah
ABV: 14.0

I like the whimsical faux-French label here! (even if I suspect Bruno might have the INAO on his tail soon). It says “Shishan Appellation d’Istrie controlée” – Šišan being the village from whence this Syrah hails.

The nose is ripe and toasty. This wine spent three years in (used) barrels but I have to say for me there is too much wood influence. There are some caramel/roasted coconut aromas, and the palate also feels quite oak dominated.

That said, the wine feels impressively fresh and lithe. I just couldn’t pick out much Syrah character. For me, the least successful of Trapan’s reds.

Uncertified organic/biodynamic viticulture.