Trapan - The One 2016
Producer: Trapan
Wine name: The One
Varieties: ,
ABV: 14.0

There is no mistaking Teran’s feral bark on the nose here – and I mean that in a good way! It’s characterful and intriguing.

This is undoubtedly quite developed for a seven year old wine, with the kind of backed plum and roasted herb aromas that I associate with older Rhone blends. It carries itself well, full of life and energy and Teran’s assertive tannins.

I would still drink Trapan’s 100% Teran or the Revolution blend over this – here there has been way more oak (4 years!) and I’m not sure that the end result justifies the means. Still, if you want to taste what Bruno Trapan says is probably a unique blend worldwide, there is a lot to enjoy and contemplate here.

Uncertified organic/biodynamic viticulture.