Trapan - Uroboros 2019
Producer: Trapan
Wine name: Uroboros
ABV: 14.0

Rich and complex on the attack, with a tight, nutty finish that is really bone dry. I was expecting this to be a typical big, fruit bomb of a Malvasia, but it surprised me. With almost 4 years on the clock, there is some evolution – but only in a positive way.

The nose has a hint of honey, plus loads of dried grass, herbs and heather – it reminds me of being somewhere in the mountains or the on the moors during summer.

I love the texture – creamy and rather seductive, with a salty, almost metallic tinge on the finish that adds freshness. Yes, the acidity is on the low side, rather typical of this variety. But it gets away with it. A lot to love.

Uncertified organic/biodynamic viticulture.

Wild fermented, aged in acacia and oak. Seven days skin contact. Unfiltered.