Varzia Terraces - Tamaris Vazi 2018
Producer: Varzia Terraces
Wine name: Tamaris Vazi
ABV: 11.0

This is an historic release with a hell of a story behind it. The project of Giorgi Natenadze, this wine is the first harvest from terraces planted in the southerly Javakheti region – a place that was desecrated by Ottoman invaders who completely destroyed all its vineyards 400 years ago. Natenadze is the first to replant and make wine here again. He replanted these terraces in 2016.

I have no reference for Tamaris Vazi (well, who does?!). But here we get brambly fruit with a lovely fresh, slightly spritzy character. Very fruit forward, with a spicy, almost iodine-like character on the finish. Well integrated tannins with a nice sappiness. Great wine.

Made in qvevris in a small purpose-built marani right by the terraces.