VellinoJimsheladze Winery - Mtsvane Amber Dry 2018
Producer: Vellino Jimsheladze Winery
Wine name: Mtsvane Amber Dry
ABV: 13.0

This is an odd kind of hybrid style, with the fermentation and three months of skin contact in qvevri, plus a year’s ageing in stainless steel and then a fairly serious filtration (1 micron paper filter).
Fruity and youthful on the nose, with sweet yellow plum and apricot fruit – even a touch of white peach. The tannins are fine and the wine has a nice harmony to it. But it’s missing the grandeur and the rasp of a true qvevri style, and just feels like it’s been shoehorned into someone’s Western vision of what it ought to be.