Vignobles Pueyo - Hellébore 2017
Producer: Vignobles Pueyo
Wine name: Hellébore
Classification: Vin de France
ABV: 13.5

Ripe and inviting on the nose, full of quince, ripe pear and a hint of red grapefuit. The tannins are soft and really nicely resolved (in comparison to the much more grippy 2018), and the fruit just lasts and lasts on the finish. Really nice mineral expression and a fine seam of salty acidity that provides tension.
Spicy tannins, with a suggestion of red fruit and a lovely citrussy finish. A wonderful wine with depth and a quiet authority.

Skin fermented in amphora for 10 months, before bottling with a miniscule dose of SO2 (2mg/Litre)

Cf. The excellent La Fleur Garderose St. Emilion if you want more from this winemaking team.