Vignobles Pueyo - Hellébore 2018
Producer: Vignobles Pueyo
Wine name: Hellébore
Classification: Vin de France
ABV: 14.5

From an organic certified winery based in St. Emilion (Their most well-known brand is La Fleur Garderose), this Semillon fermented and aged for 10 months in amphora. Still a little closed on the nose, it needs oxygen and then the fruit starts to speak, with some subtle notes of roasted nut. Then in the mouth, it really comes alive with vibrant dried apricot, roasted pear and roasted herbs. Very autumnal and satisfying – a complex wine to cuddle up by the fire with, or to enjoy with a cheeseboard. Wonderful texture, quite tannic but the tannins are ripe and nutty.
Still very youthful, but with great potential and definitely worth ageing for a couple of years.