Vinarstvi Krasna Hora - Anna 2020
Producer: Vinarstvi Krasna Hora
Wine name: Anna
ABV: 12.0

Made with three weeks skin contact, and a second fermentation in the bottle. Produced to celebrate the birth of the winemaker Ondrej Dubas’s daughter.

Crisp, with nice spicy fruit and white blossoms on the nose. The skin contact has tempered any aggressive Riesling-acidity, but with no loss of freshness. Very soft textured with not particularly persistent bubbles – it feels closer to a pét-nat style in terms of the texture.

Fun and refreshing, if fairly simplistic and easygoing. Still, it sounds like the perfect thing for exhausted parents to celebrate with. And who could not love the colourful label?

From a winery based in the south of Czechia, farming organically and biodynamically.