Weingut Taferner - Zweigelt Ried Bärnreiser 1ÖTW 2017
Producer: Weingut Taferner
Wine name: Zweigelt Ried Bärnreiser 1ÖTW
Classification: ÖTW Zweigelt tasting
ABV: 14.5

A big and broad wine from one of the hottest sites (climactily speaking) in the region, with quite soft, mealy tannins. The fruit feels almost overripe, and lacks some energy. There is berry fruit and fruit acid, but it’s getting buried in oak and lactic notes right now. I hope they harvest earlier in the future!

Destemmed on an optical sorting table. Open steel fermenters, 20% whole bunches. 3 days cold soak, and then 25 day fermentation. Spontaneous fermentation. Used and new barrels.
27ha. 60% red wine. Working towards organic certification (have sustainable cert since 2019). Karoline Tafener now runs the winery with her dad, after work experience in New Zealand.