Wine+Soul - Quinta da Manoella VV 2018
Producer: Wine+Soul
Wine name: Quinta da Manoella VV
ABV: 14.5

108 year old vineyard with 30+ varieties, foot trodden & fermented in lagares. 20 months oak ageing.

Concentrated and somewhat monolithic at first, there are mouth coating tannins, a smoky character, and dense, dark fruit and roasted herbs. The acidity is really bright, with some notes of bilberry, balsamic and raspberry that peek out and offer up some freshness.

I’m less in love with the finish, which goes in a more overtly woody, dried up direction.

It’s a thrilling wine, but quite a big character that would need a big hunk of protein to accompany it! I suggest lamb chops.

It goes without saying that a wine like this probably needs more bottle age. I wouldn’t be surprised if this improves with another couple of years on the clock.