The Morning Claret

Simon J Woolf & Friends on Wild and Wonderful Wines


Gernot Heinrich - Graue Freyheit 2016
4 minute read

Freedom at scale – Heinrich Graue Freyheit

Anyone who thinks that larger wineries can’t do quality, or show a serious commitment to sustainable, minimal-intervention production methods, should check out the wines from Gernot and Heike Heinrich in Burgenland, Austria. Simon takes a spin through their skin contact range.

Anna Addison and her bottles
4 minute read

A tale of two Georgias: Nine Oaks Estate

Nine oaks is a newly created vineyard and winery in Kakheti Georgia. Despite not having any qvevris when they made their first vintage in 2016, the results are authentic and impressive.

Massimiliano Croci
3 minute read

Lip-smacking macerated frizzante from Croci

Massimiliano Croci’s lip-smacking frizzante wines have a hidden tannic kick which really works well – a tasty tradition from Emilia-Romagna. Simon reviews their 2016 Campedello.

Anne Sperling in the Southbrook vineyards
4 minute read

Sterling stuff from Sperling & Southbrook vineyards

Simon discovers two very fine orange wines made by Canadian winegrower Ann Sperling, who also happens to have spearheaded one of the world’s first official quality classifications for orange wine.

Craven Wines - Clairette Blanche 2016
3 minute read

Craven prove that Clairette needs skin

Mick & Jeanine Craven are leading the charge for experimentation in Stellenbosch, and their efforts are paying off with some superb skin fermented Clairette and Pinot Gris.