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Van and grape disaster - Photo (C) Hannah Fuellenkemper
5 minute read

Amazing opportunity, cellar hand wanted

Want a job working for an up-and-coming winery located somewhere in France? Hannah Fuellenkemper has the most amazing opportunity for you…. possibly.

11 minute read

Ten years of The Morning Claret

The Morning Claret turns 10 years old today – so in its honour, I decided to tell the full story or how and why it started, and what it’s done for me since.

Picture (c) Hannah Fuellenkemper
6 minute read

Hand harvesting isn’t the half of it

I hate the hoorah implied by ‘hand-picked’. I hate it more round about the fourth-plus week of repetitive vineyard work. At the worst of times in the vines, ‘bored’ is an understatement. But ‘hand-picked’ is a misrepresentation. Not everything is blockbuster work but everything is done by hand — and once you’ve completed one task, in a couple weeks you’ll be back at the same vine again.

4 minute read

Society is dead, long live conviviality

Tonight I will be late for my first drinking-with-someone-on-FaceTime-date which I know because even though it seems like everything is different, some things will never change. Other things are not so the same.

5 minute read

No one makes wine alone

This is what I learned from harvest 2019: Don’t judge a man by what he’s got tattooed on his face (in this case, A.C.A.B) Supermarket salad crates also work for harvesting grapes and are cheaper than caisse I don’t want Read more

Skull lying in the grass
4 minute read

The earth is burning, this is not a drill

Today we ran out of water which is just as well because it provided the first line to a piece I’ve been putting off since since the mercury overdosed on too many degrees. Call it procrastination, meltdown or depression, but Read more

5 minute read

Fear and pruning in Beaujolais

Hannah continues her winemaking adventures, but as she enters the 8th week of pruning in Beaujoalis, starts to suffer from increasing doubt about whether she’s made the right choice in life.