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Wine glass and clouds. Illustration by Paul Blow. Reproduced from Noble Rot issue 32 with permission.
10 minute read

Natural wine shouldn’t be a style

Natural wine was supposed to be about ideals, but did it just became a style equated with cloudy, funky wines?

Originally published in Noble Rot issue 32.

System of a Dão - illustration by Dennis Eriksson. (C) Noble Rot
11 minute read

I Come from Nowhere (Wine Classification is an Ass)

Wine classifications guarantee provenance, but why have many of their controlling institutions become de facto style police?
Originally published as “System of a Dão” in Noble Rot issue 28.

Pét-nat illustration No 1, by Zebediah Keneally. (C) Noble Rot, reproduced with permission.
8 minute read

Auf Wiedersehen Pét

Simon gets ranty about pét nat, natural wine’s ubiquitous fizz. This article was originally published in Noble Rot Magazine, issue 27.